Best Chair for Long Hours of Gaming Sessions to Buy in 2022

If you are looking for a good chair for long gaming sessions there are plenty of options(DXRacer, Killlabee, Respawn, etc) available in the market. Gaming is a hobby where you have to sit a lot of time. If you don’t have a proper chair it may cause back pain and even give strain to your eyes.

Although some of the gaming chairs in the market can look over the top and they don’t offer proper features. You can look for a sleek design that can provide good support to your neck and back. There are different models that come out it different heights and shapes but you can choose the one that’s fit for you. We will be reviewing the best chairs for long hours of gaming.

Our recommended best chair for long hours of gaming sessions:

We recommended a RESPAWN racing style gaming chair for this purpose. If you do not have enough time to read the whole article, then you can simply go to the product page to purchase the gaming chair from Amazon.





Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

Cougar Ranger

RESPAWN Racing Style Gaming Recliner

Top 3 best chairs for long hours of gaming:

Here are our top picks for this purpose:

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

You must understand that big and expensive chairs are not for everyone, especially if your house is small. If you have a small apartment and don’t have ample space, the Big Joe Dorm chair will suit your needs. There are dense beans that are placed inside the interiors of this well-made chair. It will give full protection to your body and its shape. There are handy pockets that are perfect for your controllers.

The best quality is that the chair is available in a lot of colors. You can either choose a limo black or go for a completely new color. It can blend well with any decor. The chair is quite affordable, but it doesn’t mean that the quality is lower. It has a sturdy handle on the top, and you can move it quickly from one area to the other.

Pros & Cons of this Bean Bag

  • The Big Joe Dorm bean bag chair is perfect for gaming
  • It is an affordable choice for almost everyone
  • The handle on the top of the chair is quite durable
  • You can sit down and relax and spend long hours for gaming
  • The chair has dense beans which are comfortable to lean on
  • The cover of the chair is not very durable
  • You can’t clean the chair without a damp cloth

The Perfect Sofa for Professional Gamers – Cougar Ranger

Cougar Ranger will be the ideal choice for you if your ultimate dream is to get the perfect gaming chair or sofa for playing games. It has got a racing-style armchair that is designed and engineered for professional gamers. The lumbar is padded with soft foam, and the neck support is just about perfect.

You can sit on it for long hours without any fear of getting tired of having back pain. It will support your spinal cord and protect your neck and head in the best possible way. If the gaming session is intense, you can adjust the chair in different directions. You can relax and watch your favorite live streams and shows.

This chair is a perfect choice for console and mobile gamers too. It is considered as the best chair for long hours of gaming.

Pros & Cons of Couger Ranger

  • It provides a lot of comfort for a long hours gaming session.
  • High-quality materials like steel frame and foldable footrest are added.
  • PVC leather which is used in the manufacturing of chair is breathable
  • The chair will give excellent support to your neck and back.
  • The height of the seat is 15.8 inches wide.
  • The design looks a little over the top.
  • The steel frame is not very durable.

Respawn 900 Gaming Recliner

Respawn 900 gaming recliner is one of the best choices available in the market today. It offers a combination of chair rocker and a big armchair. The gaming recliner is a dream come true for all the gaming lovers. This is perfect for your 11 years old kid.

It can provide you with the best comfort and support for long gaming hours. It doesn’t need much space and can fit in any place quite easily. You can place it in your living room and kick back and relax while enjoying your Xbox or a gaming PC. No doubt, it is the best chair for long gaming sessions and will not regret buying it.

Pros & Cons of this Gaming Chair

  • The gaming chair has a versatile mechanism
  • The foam pillows are comfortable
  • You will get both chair rocker and armchair in one
  • It is sturdy and comfortable
  • The materials used in the manufacturing of this chair are excellent
  • Premium pricing may not go well with many customers
  • The seat can have more cushions

What features to look for while purchasing a good gaming chair for long hours sessions (Buying Guide)?

If you want to buy the best gaming chair for long hours of gaming, these are the following factors that you need to look at before making the final choice.

Build quality:

When you are buying a gaming chair, you should check the build quality. If the build quality is higher, that will mean you can use it for a long time. You will never like to invest in such a chair, which can break easily.


Most of the gaming chairs come packed with upholstery in the PU leather. The real leather is expensive, and you can get it, but it will be costly. PU leather is an excellent choice for almost anyone because it is breathable.


If you are fond of playing PC games, armrests are a must. It would help if you are looking for a chair with excellent arm support and can protect your wrists. The armrests should be adjustable and can protect your hands and pretty well. The backrest will support your back and keep you comfortable.

Weight and Height:

Most of the buyers don’t know that the chair you are buying should have a good weight and height. Each chair comes with a different size and height so you should make a choice that what exactly do you need. You have to consider your weight and height and then see if it is a suitable choice or not.





Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

Cougar Ranger

RESPAWN Racing Style Gaming Recliner


After reading our review and detailed buying guide, we are sure you can easily purchase the best quality gaming chair for long hours gaming. You can get the best chair and enjoy long gaming sessions!

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