How to Clean an Office Chair

When it comes to getting an employee’s attention, the fastest way is by first going over how to clean an office chair. The look of the chair and its use can make or break a first impression, so you have to think of this before even starting to clean the room. The following will discuss some tips to get an employee to take notice.

Since a chair is the main entrance into an office, it is very important that you get it spotless. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should be cleaning it yourself. Using commercial products for this job can cause more harm than good. If you choose to use one of the commercial cleaners, check with your company’s human resources department first to find out if they are approved to use them on the office furniture.

Cleaning Office Chairs

Before you begin the process of cleaning an office chair, you will need to start with the top layer first. If your office chair has a removable seat, it is important to do this first. For safety, it is best to remove all cushions from the chairs that don’t have removable seats.

Next, you will need to place a few large rags on the top of the chair. You can also use a large cloth. Do not use paper towels as they are just as flimsy and easy to rip apart. Remember, you will be wiping down the whole chair, so be sure to clean the entire surface.

You will now be ready to apply the cream or liquid. Choose the product that you are most comfortable with. There are some that are suitable for oil-based stains, others that are for liquid stains, and others that are good for stain removal. It is also a good idea to know the stain type you have so you can narrow down your search and select the right product. Before beginning the actual cleaning process, start at the back of the chair, and clean a large area. Start with the back and work your way towards the front of the chair. Also, take a moment to check the legs of the chair to see if they are being properly cleaned. If they are not, repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results.

After you have finished the back of the chair, go to the front of the chair and scrub the same areas you did in the back. If necessary clean the seat and the wheels. Repeat the process at the other end of the chair as well. By checking the legs as you go, you can ensure that each area gets thoroughly cleaned and protected.

The next step to cleaning your chair is to remove the chair from the back. Do not put it back on unless you are 100% sure it is spotless. In fact, you may want to consider putting a piece of cloth at the bottom of the back of the chair for added protection. Check the seat at the back of the chair to make sure it is clean. Again, you may want to leave a piece of cloth in the seat to prevent any problems in the future.

Check the armrest to make sure it is clean. Be sure to use a cleaning pad and brush to clean the armrest as well. There are some spills that can easily get transferred to the armrest. Don’t let this happen by never allowing any spill to remain there.

The next area to check for spills is the front legs. Again, it is best to use cloth as these areas are harder to clean. Always keep a pad on hand to wipe up any messes that come your way. The last step involves waiting until all of the cleanings is complete before moving on to the clean floors. Once the floor is fully disinfected, make sure to have all surfaces cleaned to prevent contamination from developing further.

To prevent getting your precious office chairs dirty in the future, always hire a professional office cleaner. They know what to do and can help keep your office clean and safe.

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