Are Recliners Bad for your Back

To effectively answer this question, we must first go over why anyone would think a chair that is primarily made to make you feel comfortable and relaxed would cause back pain.

Recliners are chairs designed to be relaxing sofas or armchairs that have reclining backrests and extendable footrests that push up and out. This reclining feature is why this chair has its unique name, recliners. People use them to relax in their downtime and watch television and even sleep off in them.

Recliners are not bad for your back but there are instances where that could be possible and we would look at some of those cases in this article.

However, this is not to say that recliners are bad for your back but it has the potential to hurt your back, especially in certain circumstances.  

Reasons why a recliner could hurt your back

There are two major reasons why a recliner would hurt your back and I will highlight and explain them as we progress.

A recliner with poor lumbar support  

Recliners with poor lumbar support could cause back pains. This is because lumbar support is the backrest support structure every chair has that helps to maintain a correct sitting posture. Some chairs usually have gaps between the seats and backrests.

Be rest assured that such chairs will cause back pain subsequently because the chair design will most definitely make users assume a slouching posture. A slouched position is known to cause pressure on the muscles and ligaments of the lower back region and this causes the ligaments to tighten up and stretch.

A recliner that has a gap between the seat and the backrest either lacks good lumbar support or lacks it entirely. When purchasing a recliner, it is imperative to get one with a good lumbar support structure and a common way to do this is by fully reclining the chair when one is using it and inspect the point where the seat meets the backrest.

If there is barely any gap at all, then you are unlikely to slouch into a hole while sitting or resting. A chair with bad lumbar support would usually cause discomfort after about five minutes or longer of usage. A recliner with good lumbar support would have no space between the lower back and the chair’s backrest especially when your legs are elevated in a recliner.                 

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The recliner is not your size

When a recliner does not fit your body type or size, it would inevitably lead to a lot of pain and discomfort around the legs, back, hips, and neck region. Also, while there are lots of benefits associated with using recliners to elevate your legs after a long day’s work.

It could also lead to severe leg pains if the recliner is not your size and the footrest overextends your feet over it or doesn’t extend it at all. I know, seems like a lot, let me simplify it. When you are getting a recliner, try to get one that suits your body size, it shouldn’t be too big or too small for you.

Your foot should extend a little over the footrest and when you are in a reclined position, the seat cushion should not have a gap between your back and the backrest.

Over-doing it   

Everyone knows that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health, a recliner is so comfortable that in some way it almost encourages a sedentary lifestyle. A user can get so comfortable in a recliner and spend all day in it either in front of the television and even sleep off in them.

This would potentially lead to back pain among other health issues. A mobile lifestyle is always advised and this improves your general health. I know, it is hard, the recliner chair is comfortable you would rather just snuggle in deeper and spend all day in it. Always try to take a breather, walk around, sit in an upright chair for correct sitting posture, you could also try to recline fully because this has been known to ease back pains.   

Are recliners bad for your back? No, they are not. This would be like saying shoes are bad for your feet, we all know that isn’t true but do they also have the propensity to hurt your feet? Of course, especially if you wear them all day, refuse to air them, or purchased the wrong fit.

This is also how it works for recliner chairs, they are amazing for bringing comfort and relaxation to users but they could also hurt your back when not used properly. A recliner could be bad for your back if you get the wrong size or type, sit in it all day, or get a recliner with bad lumbar support. Like I mentioned before, always try to use the chair fully reclined and you could always get extra cushions and back support if you notice the chair does hurt your back.