Are Recliners Bad for Your Knees

Have you ever wondered if the pain or discomfort you feel around your knees is a result of using your recliner? Well, you are not alone, a lot of people complain about knee pains while using recliners.

In this article, we would be looking at why recliners could be bad for your knees and the ways to mediate such an occurrence. This article would also answer the ultimate question; are recliners bad for your legs

Effects of sleeping in a recliner chair

  • Recliners could be bad for your knees when you try to stand up from a sitting position; a recliner has its gravity situated in the middle of the chair and this makes standing up from a sitting position harder than one would expect. To attain a normal sitting position after being in a reclined position or standing up from a recliner requires some form of force and this weakens the region around the knees and this causes soreness and pains.
  • Knee contractions; when people sleep in recliners, it keeps them in a confined and immobile position for a long period and this would eventually lead to knee contractions. The muscles around the knee joint tighten up and this limits movement and posture, it could also be the cause of a bad fall.     

Recliners are not bad for your knees

Recliners come with advantages and disadvantages, however, the disadvantages do not include it being bad for your knees. No, recliners are not bad for your knees, if anything, they aid bad knee treatments and healing processes.  

Some causes of bad knees are previous health conditions, obesity, or injuries. Recliners have a very minimal capacity to hurt your knee especially when you use the recliner chair the right way and follow all the rules of using the chair.

A likely but improbable cause of bad knee caused by recliners is users who sit for long hours during the day. People who sit for long hours during the day, do not particularly need recliners because, on a large scale, recliners are meant for relaxing and putting your feet up.

It encourages immobility and more sitting down. And for users who have spent long hours sitting down, what they need is something that would encourage movement and activity.    

When to use recliners for your knees

There are certain situations where using a recliner is ideal for the knees and even encouraged by medical professionals and they include,

After knee surgery or knee replacement

Sleeping in recliners or utilizing recliners after knee surgery has to be the most convenient thing ever since wheelchairs for patients. It is great during the recovery process and it helps to keep the pressure off the knees and reduces swelling. Using recliners in this condition is advised and encouraged.  

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Best way to use a recliner for your knees

The best way to use a recliner to prevent the pains of a bad knee or to ease the pressure from an already bad knee is to sit down fully reclined in the recliner chair with the footrest elevating both legs completely.  


Essentially, what this article is trying to say is that recliners are not bad for your knees, especially when they are being used correctly. Yes, they can also be used for after knee surgery or knee replacement patients.