Should Feet Hang Over Recliner Chairs

A recliner is a type of chair that can recline backward when the user lowers the angle of the chair’s backrest. This chair also has a foot extension feature design and it is usually automated to push up and out when the backrest is reclined. These adjustment features are often controlled using levers positioned at the sides of the chair for convenience.  

This article is going to be addressing a common issue some recliner users often encounter when they intend to purchase a recliner chair.   

Is the Foot Extension of my Recliner Long Enough?

When customers get their extensions home and attempt to settle into the chair and relax, they find that their feet hang out over the recliner. They get worried and assume they got the wrong size of a recliner. This fear is a reasonable one because it is wise to be wary of irregular or shortened blood flow to the feet region.    

The answer is yes, your feet should hang over your chair recliner when you are reclined back. This is the correct sitting position for a reclined position. All recliner chairs with foot extensions should have the user’s feet hanging over the edge of the foot lift just a little bit.

Otherwise, pressure applied to the leg muscles and heels would be concentrated at the heel region and this would make the user very uncomfortable after some time. To prevent this your feet should hang out just a little bit over your recliner chair.

This position distributes the weight and the pressure evenly along your legs and users can sit in the recliner chair for longer durations without the feeling of discomfort. The weight is distributed along the back of the calves.  

In simpler terms, all recliner chairs are designed for the feet of the user to hang over it just a little bit. Though there is a limitation to this though and I will mention it as you continue reading.

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Your feet should hang over the recliner chair

This is true because a lot of users suffer from leg cramps or discomfort while using their recliners and the major reason for this is poor sitting posture.

A lot of people do not know that not using the recliner the way it was designed to be used can lead to muscular strain and this causes leg cramps. When the legs are properly positioned on the recliner and the pressure is evenly distributed along the back of your calves.   

Elevating your legs this way has some benefits I will list below;

  • Relieves pressure from the leg muscles
  • Reduces swelling and fluid retention of the legs
  • Reduces overall stress

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How long is too long?

Some very tall users have complained that the leg hanging over their recliner chairs makes them uncomfortable. This has led to the general belief that there is a limitation to the length of extended feet that should hang over the recliner otherwise the purpose would be defeated and the added pressure would make the user uncomfortable.

A person with an average height is expected to have an average inseam of about thirty inches. This is generally considered to be the acceptable length of leg that should extend over the recliner. If you have an inseam higher than this then you might want to consider buying a bigger recliner chair.    

Lastly, it is beneficial to let your feet hang over your recliner chair and these recliners help to correct your leg positions.