Are Rocking Chairs Good for Your Back

Are Rocking Chairs Good for Your Back

Rocking chairs are said to date as far back as the time of the reign of President John F Kennedy but there’s been some proof that rocking chairs were used in the 1710s. Ice skates were tied to the bottom ends of regular chairs and made to rock back and forth. Pretty creative and ingenious if you ask me.

However, during that period, the chair was not popular and it took some years for it to get to where it is today. In the time of President JFK, his doctor advised him to use rocking chairs as a form of treatment for his severe back pains. The rocking chairs became very useful and effective for him that he used one in his family’s estate, one in Camp David and he even took one on Air Force One.      

Is a rocking chair good for lower back pain

Rocking chairs have numerous health benefits and one of the benefits we will be focusing on in this article is for back pains. For as long as we can remember humans have always suffered from one form of back or lower back pain or the other.

Over the years chair manufacturers have been creative and innovative in trying to produce ergonomic chairs that can be used to alleviate these back pains. Rocking chairs were soon discovered to have an ergonomic quality that aids in easing back pains in users.       

Does rocking count as exercise

Rocking chairs have amazing mental and physical benefits for users, the back and forth motion of the rocking chair utilizes the muscles around the abdomen and the thigh. The rocking motion also serves as a soft workout routine. It improves circulation and makes the knees both flexible and strong. Using a rocking chair can make you burn 150 calories in an hour.

Is rocking in a chair good for you

To explicitly answer the question of if rocking chairs are good for your back. The answer is a very big yes. Rocking chairs have a reputation for bringing immense comfort and relaxation to users. It is believed that a rocking motion is an inordinately innate thing that humans do to bring self-comfort.

This can be seen with the common examples of people living with autism or crying children. some research shows that the rocking motion releases endorphins and these hormones are known to relieve stress and bring comfort.

Brad Beer, a Physiotherapist, mentioned that the rocking motion often links to the parasympathetic nervous system, a calming or sedative part of the nervous system that is generally known for pain management in people.     

Why the rocking chair is good for your back

Sitting for an extended period causes lower back pains and it is advisable to take regular breaks from sitting down. However, using rocking chairs would be a great alternative if you have to sit for an extended period.

The rocking chair constantly keeps the user in motion, the rocking chair is a motion-in-action type of chair. Mobility or motion is great for the joints, back, knees and hips. The constant motion is also good for the muscles.  

The rocking chair is also really great for post-surgery healing, it eases lower back pain and abdominal pains resulting from Cesarean or C-Section or bowel dysfunctions.