Do Cats Like Rocking Chair

Do Cats Like Rocking Chair

Many cat owners often worry if their cats would ever adjust to the idea of a rocking chair and I have just one thing to say to that – stop underestimating your cat.

Cats are very smart feline creatures that learn and adapt very quickly and when they do they would officially take over your prized and favorite rocking chair.

The fear many cat owners have is the tail of the cat getting in the way and an accident happening but they do learn to take their tails out of the way and they grow to not only like but love this chair.

Your cat will learn to keep their tails out of the way of the chair’s rocking. A simile was even made out of this scenario, nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  

Some cat owners even believe that their cats hate moving chairs it may even have nothing to do with rocking chairs but then again, rocking chairs are moving chairs.

Interestingly enough, you will find that cats would sleep deeply for long hours in a rocking chair once they get through their initial hesitation of the rocking chair.

Do Cats Like Rocking Chair

To answer your question, of course, cats like rocking chairs. They do not even mind moving chairs, I think humans make too much of a fuss.

The only problem I see that could happen is their long tail getting in the way or underneath the rocking leg of the chair.

As a matter of fact, I have a theory, some cats would hate it, some cats would love it, some wouldn’t mind it.

But it has nothing to do with the chair itself but the cat. A cat user mentioned that she had two cats and while one of them absolutely loved sleeping on top of the rocking chair, the other cat preferred to stay underneath the chair.

The cat owner only had to get rid of the rocking chair because she feared the chair could potentially crush the cat who preferred to stay underneath it.

Cats may tend to be a bit uppity – okay a lot uppity – but even they like to have fun and rocking chairs are fun whether you like them or not.    

However, after saying all of these I must also point out that you have to be safety conscious, the safety of your pets should be a priority to you.

There are realistic and inexpensive kitten proof you can invest in for your cat and if you notice that your cat is not getting used to getting its tail out of the way of the rocking motion then you may want to get rid of the rocking chair.

Essentially, all I am saying is you need to watch your cat, if they adjust beautifully and safely to the chair then that is all well and good but if you notice that they are struggling with it then you should listen to your cat and not compromise their safety.