Do Dogs Like Rocking Chair

Do Dogs Like Rocking Chair

Asking if dogs like rocking chairs is pretty much the same as asking if people like rocking chairs. Some people do, some people do not. Giving a general answer would be nothing but fallacious and we want to try and avoid this.

Do Dogs Like Rocking Chair

Dogs are man’s best friend, we all know this and I think they do too. They pretty much live in the same world as men and very little scares them.

However, if your dog is scared of your rocking chair then it is best not to force it on them because you wouldn’t like anyone forcing your phobias on you too.

Many dog owners have complained that their dogs avoid them when they are relaxing on their rocking chairs after a long day’s work. They would rather you get out of the chair before coming to meet you.

Dogs are smart creatures and they also adapt quickly to things, so if your dog is struggling to adapt to your new chair then do not force it on the dog.

Some dogs can be trained with rocking chairs though but that is totally different. I’m talking about if your dog is scared to death of your rocking chair.

But to answer the question of this article, yes dogs do like rocking chairs. Just not all of them like I said before. I don’t expect everybody to like pineapples or SUVs. That is exactly how it is.

The suspicion of dogs who do not like a rocking chair might revolve around the fact that it is a moving chair or they simply do not understand it.

This is normal and with time maybe they would get used to it or at the very least grow to tolerate it.

The safety of the dog also needs to be taken into consideration, if you think the fear of your dog is founded and justified then you may want to look into it especially if the dog could potentially get hurt from the rocking chair.

If they are always sitting or lying underneath the chair, then you might have to consider getting rid of the chair because the safety and comfort of your pet should be your responsibility and priority.

This may just about be the only thing cats and dogs have in common, some fear it some love it and you cannot force them into it or out of it.

Rocking chairs are an amazing feature to happen to furniture no doubt but it would never be worth more than an eye bat for some people, this is quite a completely understandable human behavior. And if dogs are men’s bestfriends, why would you expect them to be any less selective?