Do Rocking Chairs Damage Carpets

If your rocking chair does what it is supposed to do, which is rock and not walk or slide across your carpet floor then there is no reason it should cause damage to your floors.

The damage a rocking chair that doesn’t have enough friction with the carpet to stay in one place can cause is skid marks, some may even burn a hole into the carpet eventually.

Many rocking chair users have come up with ways to work around such situations like measuring the base of the chair where the problem is most likely coming from.

Use a non-skid rubbery mat and a hot glue to glue the non-skid mat to the contact point of the rocking chair and the carpet.

Do Rocking Chairs Damage Carpets

Yes, a rocking chair can do damage to your carpet if you do not take precautions against this. However, there are rocking chairs that are high-end and have perfect finishing. They typically do not have this problem but then again you never can tell.

Other than using a non-skid rubber mat, some rocking chair users also use loop strings to be attached to the rocking chair to prevent floor damage. A hook and loop fastener can also be attached to the bottom of the rocking chair.

A rocking chair would only typically walk across the room and cause either skid marks, scratches, or wear and tear to your carpet when there is a slight difference on the rocking legs.

This difference causes an imbalance in the rocking motion of the chair and instead of the chair rocking in one position, the imbalance affords the chair to turn the rocking energy of the chair into a push momentum that takes it forward.

You can use a sander and wood plane to correct the difference in the rockers and another option is to simply cover the rockers with something that can cause friction between it and the carpet like I mentioned previously.

This friction will work to keep the rocking chair in one place. There are about 5 factors that could determine the comfort provided by a rocking chair. The backrest angle against the seat of the rocker, the backrest and the pitch of the seat, the length, and radius of the runners.

All of these may not influence the probability of the rocking chair to run or walk across your carpet floor and cause damage but the alignment definitely has the ability to influence the rocking chair walk across the room.   

Essentially, all I am saying is yes, rocking chairs can cause damage to your carpet but this can be avoided by utilizing the measures I have mentioned before. Also investing in a really good rocking chair with amazing quality will probably help you avoid all of this from the get-go.