Do Rocking Chairs Damage Hardwood Floors

Of course, rocking chairs can damage hardwood floors, I mean think about it, it is wood rubbing on wood. After some time, it will inevitably lead to wear and tear because of the constant rocking motion of the rockers on the hardwood floor.

This rub that causes wear and tears not only affects the hardwood floor though, it also affects the wooden bottom legs of the rocking chair.

The finishing of the rocking chair and the hardwood floor not only take a hit, but it could also potentially bore a small dent into the floor if left long enough. The damage could range from scuff marks, scratches, and wear and tear.

How to Prevent a Rocking Chair From Scratching the Floor

However, this can be prevented by employing some simple steps and mechanisms to lessen or stop the damage.

Use Hook and Loop Fasteners

Rocking chair users often use hook and loop fasteners to cover at least some of the rocker legs. These have a strong adhesive and they last for a very long time.

Try a Different Kind of Rocking Chair

Other than the hook and loop fastener, you could try getting a new rocking chair entirely. We all know that hardwood floors can be quite expensive and it is not worth the stress and damage a damaging rocking chair is going to cost it.

Glider rocking chair is a great example of an alternative. These gliders are typically designed to be placed on pedestal bases that prevent them from moving while rocking.

They are stationary rocker chairs and this would go a long way in helping you preserve your hardwood floor.

Because the base rockers of the chair do not move and rockers moving, as we all know, is the primary cause of the damage caused to the hardwood floor.

Try a Rocker Cover

You could also try using a rocker cover, the cover is used to wrap up the legs of the rocking chair and you can even get creative with this wrap and make it match the aesthetics of your house.

Try Using a Rug

Using a rug is also another great option. A rug is simple to get and use, just put the rug underneath the chair and you are good to go.

Thankfully, rugs come in varying sizes and you can simply select the size of your choice especially for people who do not want the rug covering up their whole floor. Also, rugs give you decorating options.

Use a Rubber Strip

Rubber strips are also a great alternative. Basically, all we are aiming for is something that would cause some friction between the rockers of your rocking chair and your hardwood floor.

Because the rockers of your rocking chair are smooth and polished and so is your hardwood floor, now imagine both of them grinding on each other without any form of friction. There is bound to be some wear and tear but like I have been explaining, all that can be avoided and prevented.