Do Rocking Chairs Help Anxiety

A lot of people do not know this but using rocking chairs comes with a lot of benefits and we are going to be focusing on one of those benefits today.

Rocking can be a form of therapy that can help to improve the balance of the user and also improve blood circulation. The easing and relaxing slow motion of gently rocking back and forth can help to ease and relax tense and tired muscles. It can also help to significantly reduce anxiety and depression in rocking chair users.

A nurse in the University of Rochester Nursing School mentioned that she observed that the elderly people in their nursing home seemed calmer and more at peace while rocking on their rocking chairs. It was then generally observed that this favorite activity of theirs brought peace of mind to the general population and not just the elderly.

To take it a step further, a study was done in Kirkhaven center on 25 dementia residents, these residents were studied for about 6 weeks and the study was done in phases.

In the first phase, the rocking feature of their rocking chair was allowed to function.

While in the second phase, the rocking feature was disabled, so they could only sit on the chair but they couldn’t be rocked.

The researchers observed that when their rocking feature was allowed to rock the residents back and forth there was a tremendous improvement in their psychological and emotional health.

No difference was noticed in residents whose rocking features were disabled on their rocking chair. However, they did notice a difference in change in participants who used the rocking chair more than those who used it less frequently.

The scientists noticed that agitated and upset residents calmed immediately they started rocking on their rocking chairs.

Another study was done on some patients and they noticed that patients who rocked their rocking chairs more were less likely to come requesting medications or pain relievers.

These patients were noted to seem generally happier and at ease.  Rocking chairs can help ease anxiety, as a matter of fact; notable symptoms like crying, being excessively emotional, tension, and depression are known to reduce significantly when using a rocking chair regularly.

It is also popularly known to impact the vestibular system of users; this is what influences the balance improvement in users.   

Do you want to know another great way rocking chairs can help with your anxiety? It will help improve your sleeping pattern! I bet you thought rocking chairs were only meant to rock babies to sleep; well you are wrong because they also work great with adult humans. Rocking has been known to enhance consolidation during sleep.

An irregular study was carried out and it discovered that people who spent more time rocking on their chairs had lesser drugs and alcohol urges.

And you want to know what is among the highest cause of anxiety? You guessed right, drugs and alcohol. Essentially, rocking chairs will help enhance your overall mental health and you will not regret trusting the rocking chair to help with your anxiety.