Does Rocking in a Rocking Chair Burn Calories

Does Rocking in a Rocking Chair Burn Calories

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you must have probably heard of ways to burn calories just by sitting down and wondered how that could be achieved when you aren’t sitting on a gymnastics balloon. That is where a rocking chair comes in. Rocking chairs are most popularly known for one very distinguishing characteristic.  

Is rocking in a rocking chair good for you

The rocking chair has a varied number of benefits that were once consigned to just infants but research showed us that adults also benefit from these amazing and soothing chairs as well. Rocking chairs aid better circulation and this promotes the improvement of oxygen supply to joints around the body.

There are a few activities that are regarded as non-exercise thermogenic or heat-producing activities that increase metabolism in people that in turn make them burn calories. These activities include nodding the head, tapping the toes, and rocking from side to side or back and forth. Any other movement that keeps you in motion or makes you fidget can be classified as a non-exercise thermogenic activity.    

Does rocking back and forth burn calories

Using a rocking chair can make you burn 150 calories in an hour. Rocking chairs are now widely known to have both mental and physical health benefits for users. The chair is particularly used by people who do not exercise regularly, or sit for extended periods or are housebound.

Rocking chairs provide a form of mild workout or exercise because it keeps the user in motion and works the abdominal muscles and the thigh muscles. The improved blood flow also works to make the calorie burn achievable.

Yes, rocking in a rocking chair helps to burn calories. It is a great way to lose weight with minimal effort from you. Rocking in your rocking chair is also a good alternative for people with restricted mobility.

The back and forth motion of the chair helps to tone the muscles of the legs. The motion works on the tendons along the thighs, it also works around the lower legs region like the ankles and calves to keep the user generally fit and strong.

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Using a rocking chair can also cause the blood pressure to reduce significantly to a healthy ratio. The rocker is also used to alleviate diseases like arthritis. It serves as a great pain reliever and also aids in promoting good body balance.            

What makes the rocking chair a great and mild workout chair is that not only does it not burn a good amount of calories within an hour, 150 calories. It also serves as a means for its users to relax and release stress and pain.

A subtle exercising chair that causes users to burn calories and also makes them more relaxed and at ease while at it. I do not yet know any chair that can top this when they do not have the rocking functionality.